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What is LifeTapper?

Lifetapper helps users keep track of any thing they would like to keep track of.

With the help of smartphones, users may record data on the fly or at any time it is convenient.

How does it work?

Lifetapper helps you create and log activities. Users may use our Web or Android applcation to log and view the times that engaged in these activites.

Our Web application offers simple intuitive design to make it hassel free for users to log their data. Our Android application makes it even easier by enabling Near Field Communication to users to log events.

Near Field Comunication

LifeTapper allows users to use their NFC enabled phones as a remote for their accounts.

By tapping your phones on NFC stickers, you may associate that sticker with an Event. Tapping associated stickers let users simply add dates or start / end a session for an Event.

Counts and Sessions

We allow two types of activites for users. Counts and Sessions.

A Count is just a date stamp of the time the user completed an activity. For example, this could be the amount of times you have brushed your teeth.

A Session lets users log the start and end times of an event. For example, it could be the time it took to complete an assignment of task.

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